Welcome to VideoTakes, my site for the work I do as an independent filmmaker dedicated to projects that contribute to the health of the Chesapeake Bay watershed and the people who live and recreate there.

My most recent film, in partnership with writer Tom Horton and photographer Dave Harp, is An Island Out of Time. The half-hour documentary is about a remarkable couple, Mary Ada and Dwight Marshall, whose lives personify Chesapeake Bay’s waterman, seafood harvesting culture and history; also about the four children who chose to break with that tradition.

The film, like Tom’s 1996 book, An Island Out of Time, is both celebration and elegy for a place beset with erosion, dwindling population and vanishing economic opportunities. All this seen through the lens of the Marshall family of Smith Island.

Photo by Jeff McGuiness on Smith Island

An Island Out of Time  had its soft premiere on Oct. 14 at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum during the 2018 Chesapeake Film Festival. The room was packed beyond capacity and the audience cheered the Marshall family at the end of the film.  Work will continue before it airs on Maryland Public Television in April 2019.  Local sneak peaks are expected before then and we’ll keep you posted on dates and locations. 

Festival attendees also watched a sneak preview of  Edna E. Lockwood: Bottoms Up! about the restoration of an 1889 bugeye that was the last of her kind to harvest oysters on the Chesapeake Bay.  Work on this film will continue after Edna relaunches Oct. 27 at the museum and goes back to work, now as a living classroom. 

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Sandy Cannon-Brown