Welcome to VideoTakes, my site for the work I do as an independent filmmaker dedicated to projects that contribute to the health of the Chesapeake Bay watershed and the people who live and recreate there.

My current project, in partnership with writer Tom Horton and photographer Dave Harp, is Saving San Domingo. The half-hour documentary is a tribute to one of the nation’s oldest, surviving African-American communities, San Domingo, MD. 

Newell Quinton making scrapple in San Domingo, MD. The Quinton family and others who grew up in this 200-year-old community are working to keep the culture alive.

While production has stalled due to the CoVid 19 virus, we hope to have the film finished by Fall 2020.  What began as a chance discovery of the community by writer Tom Horton on a bike ride has grown into an amazing, unique story about the descendants of Haitians who came to Maryland soon after the slave rebellion that freed slaves in Santo Domingo, the old name for the island that nows includes Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  For more, visit our film website: sandomingo.org.

In 2019, we completed two films that screened in the Chesapeake Film Festival in October and included in the DC Environmental Film Festival’s virtual festival. Both films (A Voice for the Rivers and Nassawango Legacy), along with our film about Smith Island (An Island Out of Time) will air on Maryland Public Television during Chesapeake Bay Week in late April.  All our films are accessible via my Portfolio page.

To learn more about me and my work, please peruse this site. 

Sandy Cannon-Brown